Spanish tradition and culture lie at the heart of everything we do. Thoughtfully crafted by expert ateliers with great attention to detail, we create honest clothing to transcend time.

So whether you’re based in Spain or elsewhere, turn to Señorita to wear the heritage like never before.

Unequivocally Bold

Our designs combine boldness and elegance. This is powerful clothing for passionate, independent women to express themselves in. From statement jackets that stand the test of time to occasion dresses designed with a difference, we do it all, and we do it with care and consideration.

What we do

100% of our collection is made in Spain. We combine the finest materials and design techniques to create Spanish-inspired staples under a distinctly modern lens. We don’t rely on trends or seasons to influence us; instead, we create timeless alternatives for confident women who know what they want.

Slowly-Made (Siempre)

Offering considered collections to keep production less wasteful, we’re committed to taking our time to create authentic yet unique, smaller edits of clothing that will last. By result, exclusivity and quality come naturally to each and every item.